Would Jesus Vote?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Do you think if Jesus were here he would ever participate in an election and try to choose which politician would get into power and then direct the force of government against his neighbors? Is that what Jesus would do?

Did Jesus ever give any stamp of approval to any political or religious authorities during his ministry? Did he ever tell his followers, the rulers and authorities of that time had any moral right to force people to do what they said? Did he ever tell people they were commanded to obey and therefore must submit to those same rulers?

Where do rulers get power over people, anyway? Does it come from God? Think carefully before you answer because you should think about what those same rulers then do with that power. Do they use that power to keep God’s commandments or to break them? How does any ruler exercise power and what do they do with that power? Isn’t all political power expressed by force or by the threat of force? Isn’t the power of the state projected at gunpoint when you boil it down? If all political power is based on force, and it provably is, can you imagine a loving and just God giving that force his stamp of approval? Where is the scriptural support to be found if you believe that?

I am sure many of you reading this will immediately reply with, “Render unto Caesar.” Do you really think Jesus thought Caesar was morally due anything? How did Caesar get anything in the first place? He stole it, didn’t he? He used his power(armed soldiers or cops) to rob his subjects and enrich himself in the process just like all governments do. Where in the Bible does it say you have God’s blessing to rob your neighbors and steal their property? So if you rob somebody and take their property by force, coercion or intimidation do the victims then have a moral obligation to “render” more to you? The blind see this statement as a reason to submit to being robbed and controlled and exploited. The wise see it for what it is; merely a statement with many layers of meaning used to confound the ignorant. Jesus is telling you, if you can think clearly and thus understand his real message, you don’t owe anything to Caesar or Obama or any other gang created by evil people and called a government.

If you still can’t see this simple and basic truth can you cite the scriptures which say Thou Shalt Not Steal unless you are employed by or part of a government? Where would I find those exemptions? How about Thou Shalt Not Kill unless you work for the state? Is that in the Bible, too? How about Thou Shalt Not Covet unless you work for the gang know as government? Where do we find Thou Shalt Not Lie unless you are a politician? What scriptures give any people exemption from God’s commandments just because they form a big gang and brainwash people into believing it somehow then has moral legitimacy and must be obeyed? Gods commandments apply to ALL people and no exemptions¬† to them were ever granted in scripture.

What did Jesus spend the bulk of his ministry doing? Wasn’t it teaching people to love one another and then demonstrating that love himself by healing thousands of people, all types and classes of people? If you advocate your neighbor be robbed, threatened, bullied, kidnapped, controlled, caged and murdered can you ever seriously think you are demonstrating love for them? Did Jesus ever rob anyone? Did he ever send out any of his followers or disciples to rob anyone on his behalf? If he never did any of those things and we are to follow his example, why do you think you can choose(vote for) people to rob and bully and threaten and kill your neighbors and call yourself a Christian?

I am going to say, flat out, “Jesus would never vote for any political ruler to have any power over anyone, ever.” If we want to be like him, love one another and follow his example we should NOT be voting either. Voting for ANY political ruler is actively condoning, supporting and legitimatizing the force, violence, immorality and corruption of the gang known as government and that it be directed at your neighbor. Do you really want to be a part of that?